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A portrait of Mitsunari Ishida.

Mitsunari Ishida(AD 1560-1600) was one of the great men in Japanese history.
He was very famous according to SEKIGAHARA War.
SEKIGAHARA War was the biggest domestic war in Japan.
Over 180,000 soldiers were attended this war from western and eastern side of Japan.
Mitsunari was a de-facto leader of western side, even though his social position was not so high. He had tried to keep a his prior lord's son , Hideyori Toyotomi who was only 7 years old. 
Finally Mitsunari  was lost this war and killed by a victor, Ieyasu Tokugawa, who was a leader of eastern side. After that Tokugawa killed Hideyori and came into power of Japan.
Tokugawa had degraded the estimation of Mitsunari for his political purpose, so Mitsunari was believed  as a wicked man for a long time.
But nowadays, many people re-examine his activity and achievements.

Mr. Ryotaro Shiba, who was one of the most famous author in Japan, had estimated his excellent royalty and rational spirits. He wrote a novel "SEKIGAHARA" which is a rare one to estimate Mitsunari as a good person.
Mr. Taichi Sakaiya, who was a prior economical minister of Japan, had called Mitsunari as a founder of Japanese project making methods.

This web site introduces his achievement and recent study about Mitsunari.
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